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Cheseaux (Switzerland), February 14, 2005 – Nagravision, the world's leading independent provider of value-added content protection solutions, announced the launch of the Nagra-Lysis Mobile range of DRM solutions. Designed to manage and protect access to premium content on mobile devices, the solutions will be presented at the 3GSM World Congress 2005 in Cannes, 14 –17 February 2005 (*).

Nagravision' technologies are currently being used by more than 100 leading TV operators worldwide to secure content delivered to over 50 million subscribers. Its security solutions have been endorsed by Hollywood Studios and premium TV content owners.

Based on Nagravision's large experience in securing Pay TV content on all types of networks and on its leadership in designing innovative, robust and open solutions, Nagra-Lysis Mobile DRM offers end-to-end security with Nagra Mobile, a set of client and server side content protection solutions, and Lysis Mobile DRM, which supplies content aggregation and management solutions.

Nagra-Lysis Mobile's unique features offer operators multiple opportunities to package their offering creatively, differentiate themselves from competitors, gain market shares and maximize their revenues. All kinds of content, such as TV channels, news, events, games, ring tones, pictures, video and music clips, can be offered securely on handheld devices on a subscription basis, pay-per-view, pay-per-time, pay-per-content, push modes, token-based purchases, digital content recording, etc., on 3G and DVB-H/DMB broadcast networks.

For additional flexibility, Nagra-Lysis Mobile’s open multi-standard support allows service providers to choose the DRM schemes that best fit their security requirements and business plans and also work with a large selection of partners. Easily scalable and upgradeable as services grow, networks expand and security needs increase, Nagra-Lysis Mobile offers customized DRM solutions and services for added value over the long-term.

Nagra-Lysis Mobile DRM’s key assets:

  • Compliant with OMA 1.0 and OMA 2.0
  • DVB-compliant
  • Content protection in unicast, multicast and broadcast modes
  • Streaming and download content protection
  • MPEG4 and WM9 support

Nagra-Lysis Mobile DRM includes a digital rights management aggregator which encodes content in various media formats, tracks content use conditions as defined by the service provider, and packages encrypted content, as well as a DRM licenser which processes license requests from consumers, enforces license rules, delivers rights and reports consumption.

Nagravision is a member of the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) and of the DVB-CBMS (Digital Video Broadcasting – Convergence Broadcast Mobile Systems) consortium, which is currently specifying the DVB-H standard for the mobile environment. Nagra-Lysis Mobile DRM solutions support OMA1.0 and OMA 2.0.

About the Kudelski Group/Nagravision
The Kudelski Group ( is a world leader in digital security. Its technologies are used in a wide range of applications requiring access control and rights management, whether for securing transfer of information (digital television, broadband Internet, video-on-demand, interactive applications, etc.) or to control and manage access of people or vehicles to sites and events. The Kudelski Group is headquartered in Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland, and its stock is listed on the Swiss Market Index.

Nagravision (, a Kudelski Group company, is the world's leading independent supplier of open conditional access and integrated solutions for digital TV operators and content providers. Its technologies are currently being used by more than 100 leading operators worldwide serving over 50 million subscribers.

(*) For more information or to arrange a meeting with Nagravision at the 3GSM Congress, please contact :

Catherine Hugon
Corporate Communications Manager
Kudelski Group / Nagravision
+41 21 732 01 54