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Las Vegas, USA and Cheseaux, Switzerland – April 16, 2007 – NAB2007 Nagravision Booth #SU7515 – Nagravision, a Kudelski Group (SWX: KUD.VX) company and the world's leading independent provider of value-added content protection solutions, announced today its support of the OpenCA initiative of the FLO Forum. Nagravision, an active member of the FLO Forum, is working with the other forum members to define, a standard security solution based on well-known and proven design principals used in the world of broadcast service protection.

The OpenCA solution for MediaFLO will allow creating attractive broadcast mobile TV offerings such as subscriber promotions, free previews, short-term access (one-hour, one-day), impulsive pay-per-view, order-ahead pay-per-view and pay-per-time. This flexibility in the definition of the commercial offering will allow service operators to create differentiated commercial packages based on content type and target audience, thus optimizing the ARPU generated by a mobile TV offering.

The key security element of the solution will be based on a “secured container”, for example a SIM card, providing the content owners with the appropriate guarantees that their revenue streams are protected in the context of a mass audience deployment. The solution is designed to work with handsets as well as with portable media players.

Nagravision is committed to develop a full fledged security solution compatible with the MediaFLO OpenCA specification, thus providing the MediaFLO ecosystem with a state-of-the-art service protection solution, based on well-proven and reliable technology deployed in numerous digital TV and mobile TV services around the world.

“The on-going efforts and progress on OpenCA requirements led by conditional access vendors such as Nagravision are vital in enabling the development of multiple security solutions within the FLO ecosystem,” said Dr. Kamil A. Grajski, President, FLO Forum. “Nagravision’s support for the OpenCA initiative further underscores the openness of FLO standard and the evolution of its thriving multi-vendor community.”

About FLO Technology
FLO technology is a new air interface with multicasting capabilities designed to increase capacity and reduce content delivery costs to mobile handsets. FLO technology enables mobile users to see and hear a variety of relevant content for the mobile consumer.
Designed from the ground up specifically to multicast significant volumes of rich multimedia content, FLO enables wireless operators to cost-effectively deliver clips and streaming video to millions of mobile users at once. FLO provides the technology for distributing multimedia content efficiently and economically without impacting current networks.

About the FLO Forum
The FLO Forum is a multi-company initiative committed to advancing the global standardization of FLO™ technology. Composed of industry-leading organizations, the FLO Forum works to develop products and services, based on FLO technology, to enable the delivery of advanced multimedia services to wireless consumers. The FLO Forum is organized to promote the global standardization of FLO technology, including compliance and certification benchmarks for the technology. For more information on membership and the FLO Forum, please visit

About the Kudelski Group and Nagravision
The Kudelski Group (SWX: KUD.VX), is a world leader in digital security. Its technologies are used in a wide range of applications requiring access control and rights management, whether for securing transfer of information (digital television, broadband Internet, video-on-demand, interactive applications, etc.) or to control and manage access of people or vehicles to sites and events. The Kudelski Group is headquartered in Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland. Please visit for more information.

Nagravision, a Kudelski Group company, is the world's leading independent supplier of open conditional access systems, DRM and integrated on-demand solutions for content providers and digital TV operators over broadcast, broadband and mobile platforms. Its technologies are currently being used by more than 100 leading pay-TV operators worldwide securing content delivered to over 71 million active smart cards and devices. Please visit for more information.

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