NAGRA Blog: The Evolution to IP-delivered TV

By Simon Trudelle, Senior Product Marketing Director, NAGRA

The TV industry has reached a tipping point in IP migration. Today, virtually all TV operators and broadcasters have adopted OTT distribution services – and for good reason, consumers have a growing appetite for IP video streaming. The decision to move to IP delivery can deliver a wide range of benefits, including flexible on-demand services, increased screen reach and better customer data. IP delivery also means pay-TV companies don’t have to pay for advanced PVR receivers or home media gateways to deliver content to every TV or screen in the home.

But although more and more operators are making the switch to IP, the best path to take is specific to every business and depends on both the organisation’s long-term objectives and existing technology. For instance, cable and telco pay-TV operators with broadcast or IP multicast infrastructure in place may make a different decision to those that do not. 

Generally speaking, the most cost-effective method is to integrate new network video solutions into existing legacy platforms. This creates a hybrid environment in the short term, with the long term aim of smartly evolving to next generation network video solutions.

Moving to IP comes with its own set of challenges. Not only do providers have to consider an upgrade to their end-to-end infrastructure, but they also have to integrate features such as cloud DVR, addressable advertising, ABR just-in-time packaging, CDN and device management. With that in mind, it always help to have an expert on hand. At NAGRA, we work with a range of pay-TV providers to help them smartly transition from broadcast to IP. It’s all about being pragmatic and offering the best consumer experience while optimizing costs.

Companies from all areas of the TV industry are getting on the IP bandwagon. The global reality of the TV industry means that operators must be ready to follow their customers. And the reality is that a growing customer segment is embracing the internet and video streaming now more than ever. 

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