NAGRA Blog: 7 amazing benefits for operators who migrate to IP

By Simon Trudelle, Senior Director Product Marketing​

IP delivery isn’t a pipedream for pay-TV operators anymore.

In the post-OTT era, where consumers don’t care about the technical and content rights-related aspects of IP delivery (they just want access to the content), operators need to reassess their position.

Old obstacles to IP delivery have mostly been overcome. IP migration is more attainable than ever before.

With the problems solved and the myths dispelled, operators are free to act – and should be doing so right now. Here are 7 amazing benefits they can enjoy by migrating to IP.

1. Convenience

IP-based delivery means multiscreen on-demand TV services and cloud DVR technology – frictionless service offerings!

2. Market reach

Service providers can go off-net and target new viewers with a variety of flexible IPTV propositions.

3. Exciting new products

IP networks open the door to fresh new TV and video product offerings, from on-demand skinny bundles to SVOD.

4. Data

In capturing all user actions via IP, operators can work more like Google with personalised advertising, significantly driving revenue growth.

5. Scalability

Service providers can build or lease cloud or CDN capacity, better aligning IP delivery costs with revenues and ensuring they can scale their operations.

6. Delivery cost savings

By adopting IP, service providers use new compression techniques and technologies to deliver the same video quality at half the bitrate, and can upgrade the scale of compression regularly (less tied by CPE legacy limitations).

7. Infrastructure cost savings

IP delivery leads to a reduction in capital and equipment costs at the headend, opens access to flexible cloud resources for data capture, content workflows and overall storage.


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