NAGRA Blog: The 3 Key Takeaways from CES 2018 in Pay-TV and Content Owner Business Strategies

The 3 Key Takeaways from CES 2018 in Pay-TV and Content Owner Business Strategies

Just one month into the New Year and there are three clear areas of focus that will drive 2018 strategy for pay-TV operators, broadcasters and content owners. User Experience, content protection and data analytics - all topics are making headlines, took center stage at CES 2018 and show no signs of slowing down.

This was showcased during the Variety Entertainment Summit at CES 2018 where André Kudelski, chairman and CEO of the Kudelski Group, the parent company of NAGRA, shared his vision on these topics in a headliner conversation with Variety’s New York digital editor Todd Spangler. Kudelski addressed the fundamental shifts affecting today’s media and entertainment industry, which included key takeaways that help establish the direction the industry is taking in these three areas.

  • Multi-journey user experiences and the evolving ecosystem of devices, including Android TV

    The consumer’s demand for content is insatiable and with more screens on which to watch it and more ways to discover and pick new choices, the appetite is only going to increase. At the same time the consumer, and by consequence the provider, is faced with a dilemma since the current user experience is fragmented. The TV industry has become inundated with different user interfaces (UIs) on a device-by-device, service-by-service basis.

    NAGRA built the world's first multi-journey solution to address this issue. OpenTV Signature Edition lets subscribers discover content the way they want to, without switching views. The multi-journey experience keeps things fresh, allowing subscribers to discover intelligent, truly personal recommendations right there in the EPG, alongside all their favorite apps, VOD and SVOD channels.

    OpenTV Signature Edition hails a new era in the delivery, deployment and operation of pay-TV services and is designed to be at the forefront of customer satisfaction in both the services offered and the user experience it delivers.  This is pay-TV for the post-OTT era.
  • AI-Powered Actionable Data Intelligence

    When it comes to data intelligence and analytics, there is no shortage of questions of the impact this topic will have on the industry. According to The Entertainment Technology Center’s publication ETCentric’s article, “CES: Kudelski CEO Brings Content, Data & Security Together”: 

    Data and analytics figured prominently in Kudelski’s conversation with micro-understanding of individual audience members now possible. As we move from general to specific data and insight, “How to better use data” is key. For content creators and distributors, that means “not only what to serve viewers but also what you want to finance or acquire.”

    Today’s market has shifted from broad demographics, to households, and now to the individual level.  With this in mind, the popular saying, “knowledge is power” is not necessarily a complete statement. Knowledge is, of course, a vital piece of the puzzle.  However, being able to take that knowledge (or data), and turn it into usable and actionable analytics is where the true power resides.

    NAGRA Insight is an intelligent pay-TV data platform that embraces and delivers on this concept. It enables operators to drive business growth and make better strategic decisions. With the right infrastructure in place, the opportunity is limitless. For example, it can leverage artificial intelligence to understand each viewer’s preferences and recommend actions that will increase both customer satisfaction and monetization.

  • End-to-End Content Value Protection and Anti-Piracy Innovation

    As published in the Variety article “10 Things We Learned at Variety's Entertainment Summit at CES 2018”, Kudelski stated that there is a significant “…need for media companies to protect their intellectual property, as piracy continues to emerge in new ways: ‘If there’s content someone is willing to buy,’ he said, ‘there’s someone willing to steal it.’”

    This point was mirrored by Simon Trudelle, senior director of product marketing in the CED Magazine article, “CES 2018: NAGRA adds UX Options, Anti-piracy efforts to OTT Solutions.” In this piece, Trudelle outlined that, “… he expects TV providers, including OTT providers, to continue to face a significant financial effect from piracy in emerging markets, especially for live sports events.”

    This is where the need for end-to-end content value protection with integrated watermarking and anti-piracy services comes in to play. For example, the use - and success - of watermarking and NAGRA’s anti-piracy platform to fight IPTV and Kodi add-on streaming piracy will be core topic we’ll hear more about in the year to come. Combined with NAGRA’s software and hardware CAS and DRM solutions, NAGRA Anti-Piracy Services and NexGuard watermarking technology create the ultimate closed-loop approach to secure and mark content, monitor for piracy, and quickly and decisively act against it from a unified Security Services Platform. 

What’s next for NAGRA?

As a company, NAGRA continues to innovate the pay-TV industry to enable the media and entertainment possibilities that connect people to the content they love. Working ever-more closely with content owners and services providers, with a focus on supporting the transition to IP, cloud and data-driven solutions across all facets of the content delivery business, will be key in a market where traditional pay-TV and OTT services are converging. With continued focus on anti-piracy services, NAGRA’s content value protection offering will expand with solutions for OTT delivery, including watermarking and robust multi-DRM solutions for multiscreen services. On the user experience side, OpenTV Signature Edition will be a key product designed to address the evolving needs of the new “TV Tribes”, consumer segments with different viewing behaviors that each require a different user experience and content mix, supported by a skilled team of experts with over 20 years of pay-TV experience, with a field presence in all major markets worldwide.

Stay tuned - 2018 is poised to be an exciting year for NAGRA and the industry!