Pay-TV Innovation Forum Video Series: Sean Robertson, DISH Network
Sean Robertson, General Manager, Partnerships at DISH Network, shares his views on the segmentation trend in the US pay-TV market, and the upcoming consolidation between providers and content creators
alptug copuroglu
Interviews with Industry Leaders: Alptug Copuroglu, BluTV
Alptug Copuroglu, Managing Director of BluTV International & Global Partnerships at BluTV shares his views on how to scale OTT services for a global market.
NAGRA analiza en un estudio el mercado global de servicios OTT de deportes premium
NAGRA en colaboración con la consultora MTM acaba de publicar The Global Market for Premium Sports OTT Services, un informe especial sobre el crecimiento de los servicios OTT deportivos en todo el mundo y su impacto en los proveedores de servicios de televisión de pago tradicionales.
Pay-TV Innovation Forum Video Series: John Paul, Liberty Global
John Paul, Managing Director Emerging Business Activation at Liberty Global, shares his view on the impact of data and analytics on service providers, the importance of partnerships in a data strategy and how data can deliver more value for the consumer.
indian interview
Interviews with Industry Leaders: Archana Anand, Zee5 Global
Archana Anand, Chief Business Officer at Zee5 Global, shares her views on the growth of OTT services in Asia, collaboration between OTT service providers and telcos, and the importance of digital transformation.
Pay-TV Innovation Forum Video Series: Matthieu Petit, Canal+ International
Matthieu Petit, Chief Analytics Officer at Canal+ International, talks about the changing OTT landscape in France and Canal’s response to OTT growth through super-aggregation and the myCanal platform.
amir peled paytvif
Interviews with Industry Leaders: Amir Peled, Swisscom
Amir Peled, Head of OTT Services for Swisscom, shares his views on the key trends in the OTT market and the role of telcos in next generation OTT aggregation.
Press release
Kudelski Group Works With STMicroelectronics to Bring End-to-End IoT Security to Consumer and Industrial IoT Customers
Press release
The Pay-TV Innovation Forum Releases Special Sports OTT Report
The report provides valuable insight into the changing landscape of sports OTT services and their impact on traditional pay-TV service providers.