The many benefits AI can bring to pay TV
While opinions vary on the impact and possible applications of AI for the industry, executives agree that there’s never been a more critical time for service providers to review their data and analytics strategies.
AI algorithm face recognition
To what extent can we trust algorithmic decisions
At a time when humans are becoming more reliant on AI - for instance  mobile phones speech recognition, real-time speech translation, computer vision in self-driving cars — trust and transparency have become key issues to be addressed.
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kbor couple
NAGRA extends content protection partnership with kbro in Taiwan for 4K Ultra HD and Android TV pay-TV service
Taiwan’s leading MSO adopts NAGRA Connect content protection solution to secure 4K Ultra HD content over hybrid cable and OTT network. NAGRA to secure operator’s 4K Android TV deployment in early 2019.
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CES 2019: NAGRA’s Smartly Digital Strategies You Might Have Missed
If you were not able to attend this year’s show, here are the top takeaways you need to know.
Latam piracy report
How to Stop Piracy and Protect Latin America’s Geniuses
In the world’s most violent and unequal region, piracy is often dismissed as a victimless, even justifiable crime. Stealing a cable TV signal, or buying a knock-off soccer jersey, is perceived as a problem for large, wealthy companies. AQ special report shows, the problem is far more complicated - and insidious.
Cloud connecting
Connecting Smart TVs to the cloud: a smart idea after all!
For pay-TV service providers, delivering premium services directly to consumer devices and leveraging back-end cloud infrastructure provides numerous benefits.
Sports fans
Optimizing online video apps: learnings from the FIFA World Cup
A lot can be done to increase OTT apps stickiness. With new content usages come new behaviors which must be addressed with changes in the way the content is offered.
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CSTB 2019, Moscow
NAGRA at CSTB 2019: Smartly digital for the convergenced pay-TV and OTT era
Expansion global
Can Pay TV operators aggregate the ever-expanding content landscape?
In the new golden age of content, pay-TV operators potentially hold the map to this vast new content library and have the chance to become the virtual shopping malls of the digital content world.