IBC 2018: Entrevista con Panorama Audiovisual
Daniel Farré, vicepresidente de ventas para Iberia, analiza las últimas tecnologías y soluciones para la protección del valor del contenido de extremo a extremo con propuestas como la nueva plataforma en nube cloud.SSP.
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Maximising the success of social media video channel
The widespread adoption of broadband internet, white-label OTT platforms and social media provide an inexpensive way to publish videos, giving content creators the opportunity to distribute their content directly to consumers.
IBC 2018: Interview with Broadband TV News
Hannu Impola, Senior Director, Product Marketing, tells Julian Clover how NAGRA has put its TV Key security device into the cloud.
Daniel Farre at IBC2018
NAGRA: protección del contenido de extremo a extremo
De cara a proteger el valor del contenido de extremo a extremo, NAGRA propone su nueva plataforma en nube cloud.SSP que Daniel Farré, vicepresidente de ventas para Iberia analiza en esta videoentrevista.
Ben Grad, Head of Content Strategy and Acquisition for fuboTV, shares his views on the changes in the US pay-TV market, how digital-native businesses acquire and retain new subscribers, and more
IBC 2018: Interview with Digital TV Europe
Anthony Smith-Chaigneau talks about changes in consumer behavior that are driving take up of OTT, leveraging data and analytics for a superior user experience and the impact of Android TV on the market.
M&E Journal: Real-Time Actionable Analytics
Real-Time Actionable Analytics: A Game Changer for Broadcast TV
We live in a world where information is king, and the M&E industry is no exception. However, there are certain markets, such as broadcast television, that have been slow to adapt to this new “data-driven” world.
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NAGRA Samsung TVkey
NAGRA and Samsung launch TVkey Cloud Internet-based Smart TV security for premium pay-TV
TVkey Cloud brings pay-TV services directly to Internet-connected Smart TVs without the need for any external device
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OpenTV Signature Edition with Android TV
OpenTV Signature Edition enriches the Android TV user experience with world’s first multi-journey content discovery
OpenTV Signature Edition solution enables effective content and service monetisation with Android TV.