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CDNs, DRMs y Tokens: ¿Cómo pueden trabajar juntos para prevenir la piratería y los costos crecientes?

​​​​​​​Un servicio OTT requiere múltiples capas de seguridad que van más allá del DRM. El acceso ilegal no sólo supone un coste adicional para los operadores, sino que les pone en una situación difícil con los propietarios de los derechos. Para saber más, lee el blog sobre el tema y entérate cómo resolver el problema.
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Credential Sharing – An Inconvenient Truth or Something More Sinister?

A lot has been written recently about credential sharing. Most of it has stemmed from the Netflix announcement that discussed a reduction in subscribers, which in part was attributed to credential sharing. Whether it was a combination of credential sharing and a post-pandemic ‘snap-back’ as consumers start to get back to pre-pandemic lifestyles remains to be seen but fundamentally, why has credential sharing, which for so long has been ‘tolerated’, suddenly come sharply into focus?
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Do you have a CDN security gap?

My colleague Tim Pearson recently wrote about how DRM, CDN and tokens can all work together to protect against piracy. For years, CDN technology has made high-quality content delivery possible. However, is it possible that the CDN has left the door open for online piracy, a common enemy to all video service providers, streaming operators, and content creators?
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Kudelski IoT Validates Microchip’s CE1736 Trust Shield Controller for Use in Critical Data Center and Connected Systems

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Fast-Forward: Topics & Takeaways from NAB 2022

It was great to see our industry come back together once again, face-to-face. More than anything, taking in the grandness of the new West Hall and being back on the NAB Show floor was an opportunity to reconnect with customers, partners, friends and colleagues - and yes have discussions around the latest innovations across the content value chain! Hoping it's all fast-forward from here!

NAB Show Video Series: Wolfgang Zeller, Vodafone Group

Nancy Goldberg, our EVP & CMO, caught up with Wolfgang Zeller, Head of Video Center of Excellence at Vodafone Group. Learn about what he had to say about the new Vodafone TV service, market trends and being back at in-person events.
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New Approaches to Protecting Digital Consumer Lifestyles 

What is today’s anti-virus software equivalent that can protect both our data and our devices? The largest ecosystem vendors offer comprehensive security approaches that promise to protect personal data and assets – but is this enough to protect everything in our personal digital ecosystems? Our very own Tim Pearson explains.
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LA Times article

Why Netflix and other streamers are cracking down on password sharing

Streaming services such as Netflix and HBO Max are taking a harder line on password sharing