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NAGRA Insight selected as ‘AI and Machine Learning Innovation of the Year’ at the VideoTech Innovation Awards 2020

NAGRA takes home top honours for its ability to improve business performance and operational excellence for pay-TV service providers worldwide.
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Consumer Beware: The Darker Side of Piracy

Content owners and operators are embracing innovative services and technologies to deliver valuable content to viewers. Unfortunately, the same can be said for the sophisticated business of piracy.

FIH and Nagra’s ‘bold’ OTT play could be template for rights-holders, tech companies

• FIH, Nagra launched D2C platform Watch.Hockey in September
• Tech company will shoulder costs in early years with view to longer-term revenue share
• Leagues, federations stand to earn from sponsorship deals through greater global exposure
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Strategies to win the OTT race

With a plethora of streaming services vying for eyeballs, each OTT platform is looking to improve their game by enhancing their user interface and fine tuning their personalisation and recommendation mechanisms. Panellists at the MENA OTT Conference debated on some core issues that could potentially make or break a streaming service.

How industry collaboration took down a major piracy ring

We were thrilled to win a SportsPro Award in the “Best in Anti-Piracy” category. This win brings to light the importance of industry collaboration in the fight against piracy, and particularly in live sports. Read on to learn more about our entry and the key players that made this achievement possible.
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Understanding the Serious Game of Piracy

It is important to first understand how the business of piracy works. To truly comprehend the piracy business, you must understand the various players and their unique roles in the piracy game.
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IDEMIA and Kudelski IoT first-to-market with GSMA IoT-SAFE solution

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Veriest and Kudelski IoT collaborate to accelerate the integration of highly robust silicon security features in IC designs


Takeaways from the OTT Executive Summit: Collaboration is the Key in the Battle Against Content Pirates

In a recent panel discussion at the OTT Executive Summit, Pascal Métral, VP of Legal Affairs and Head of Anti-Piracy Intelligence, Investigations and Litigation at NAGRA, joined other industry players to discuss the state of industry and the strides being made to successfully combat the big business of piracy.