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Cheseaux, 18 December 2003

Acquisition of Labitzke Schaffner AG

SkiData AG, a Kudelski Group company, acquires from the Signal AG group (Switzerland's leader in road signs and markings) the company Labitzke Schaffner AG based in Adliswil in the Zurich area. This acquisition is effective on January 1st, 2004.

Since 1997, Labitzke Schaffner AG has delivered SkiData's parking access systems throughout Switzerland.

Within the physical access sector, the parking activity has a strong potential that the Kudelski Group is willing to build upon in the future.

The SkiData physical access systems (for ski resorts, stadiums, etc.) are already well represented on the Swiss market. Combined with parking solutions, they allow SkiData to offer global solutions that include both access to a site or to an event and to the corresponding car park.

Cornèr Bank and Credit Suisse : new partners for AccessArena

AccessArena, a Kudelski Group company, has new partners :

  • Cornèr Bank, who plans to integrate the AAC technology in its credit cards in the course of 2004. The bank's credit card users will be able to - for example - load a ski pass into their card, the card being then not only a credit card but also an access card.
  • Credit Suisse, who now offers the Access Card (containing the AccessArena technology) to its clients.

AccessArena is specialized in the networking of various access services such as ski-lifts, public transportation, hotel doors using for example SkiData solutions, etc. Guests can access these services easily and without queuing thanks to a contact-less smart card (AAC technology).

The Kudelski Group has recently raised its participation in AccessArena to 90%.

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