How Pay-TV Can Triumph in the New Post-OTT Era - A New Industry Report by Videonet

Industry commentators point to the rise of cord-cutting and the expansion of OTT video services as major factors forcing the global pay-TV business into a period of transformation. This “post-OTT” era means innovation and growth, but also disruption and risks. The full impact of OTT is now being felt, with more competition for premium rights, the best content distributed across more platforms and consumers who are willing to self-aggregate their own selection of services.

In the latest industry report by Videonet, “How Pay-TV can triumph in the post-OTT era,” Adrian Pennington examines the trends, challenges and opportunities service providers are faced with in a new market environment where the lines between traditional pay-TV and OTT are increasingly blurred.

Learn about who will control the best content, whether the online video market is ripe for some re-aggregation, how the Pay TV user experience must evolve if operators are to triumph in the ‘post-OTT’ world and the backoffce innovations that will underpin the premium entertainment services of the future.

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