Four ‘Smartly Digital’ strategies for pay-TV operators in 2019

CES 2019
As we move into the new year, pay-TV service providers are in a unique position to create a truly unified TV experience that proactively blurs the lines between pay-TV and OTT. In essence, they can become the central gateway to all content that consumers love.

However, without an effective strategy in place, the process can be anything but smooth sailing. There are a number of solutions service providers need to consider to effectively claim their new role as super-aggregators. When implemented correctly, they can ensure an efficient on-boarding of OTT content, effective content value protection and an elegant data-driven approach to content discovery – one that actively drives service loyalty and monetization

Here are the four areas industry players need to consider to be “smartly digital” in 2019:

1. Content value protection

Content is one of the most valuable assets in the M&E space. Protecting this valuable asset must be a top priority for any sophisticated player in the TV ecosystem. We know a piece-meal, one-trick pony solution is not the answer. A comprehensive approach is required – from origin to consumption. The best way to accomplish this is through a multi-tenant, cloud-based security platform that elastically scales and flexibly delivers the latest security technologies “as-a-service”. And, a content value protection strategy would not be complete without tackling piracy head on with the latest innovations in anti-piracy services and forensic watermarking.

2. Active content monetization

With the right tools, service providers can make a strong business move by creating engaging user experiences that actively drives consumer loyalty and content monetization. Sports leagues and teams can now also deliver an immersive fan experience for sports OTT directly to consumers, worldwide to any device, including Android TV, with scalable low-latency streaming technology.

3. Smart business operations

The secret to making better business decisions and improving the bottom line is taking control of the data service providers own and creating personalized actions that drive monetization, along with subscriber value, content, quality of experience, and targeted advertising. This is all possible by leveraging an AI-driven, pay-TV data analytics platform.  The value AI and real-time data analytics can deliver can be transformative in all areas of business, from marketing to customer service to the C-level suite. 

4. Smart home security

Service providers have a significant opportunity when considering smart home security solutions that monitor devices and IP traffic over the home network to ensure ongoing privacy, safety and smart parental controls. Not only do these solutions enable unprecedented insight into the home network, it ensures subscribers receive the best smart home and network access experience, leading to fewer service calls and lower churn.

Whatever solutions are chosen, pay-TV operators have a great opportunity to play a leading role in the next generation of video services. By embracing a “smartly digital” approach, they’ll be much better equipped.

NAGRA will be demonstrating its latest solutions in end-to-end content value protection, active content monetization, smart business operations and smart home security at CES 2019. If you are attending the show, come visit us at the Venetian Meeting Rooms, Level 4, Zeno 4609, from January 8-11, 2019.