OpenTV Suite

The OpenTV Suite is a powerful set of innovative digital television solutions from the NAGRA portfolio. It provides secure, engaging and intuitive user experiences via a powerful back-end platform that delivers an all-screen connected home environment. The system is designed and built for operational efficiency to drive down the total cost of operations and is comprised of four key components.

OpenTV Platform

The OpenTV Platform is a modularized head-end/ back-office system providing sophisticated operations for all aspects of the OpenTV Suite. It is comprised of a sophisticated suite of components, available on premise or cloud-hosted, and designed to ease integration with existing head-end/back-office environments and provide rapid scalability for large service providers. The OpenTV Platform also provides a flexible multiscreen service management platform to deliver entertainment services to multiple subscriber accounts, on all types of media devices and across multiple networks.


OpenTV OS is a feature-rich television operating system with an increased focus on the TV user experience. It securely opens up all television devices to the Internet and over-the-top services, while maintaining the robustness of a traditional broadcast platform allowing pay-TV operators to fully leverage and monetise their services, both now and in the future, in an all-screen connected home. Its powerful hybrid TV framework leverages the latest broadcast, web and cloud technologies to enable a full range of next generation TV services from catch-up to start-over, VOD, PVR, nPVR in 4K Ultra HD, HDR and VR 360.

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OpenTV Player

A feature-rich OpenTV Suite client, the OpenTV Player is designed to deliver a personalized, operator-branded and consistent user experience across all major open device platforms (Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android) with content protection by NAGRA PRM, the only pay-TV centric DRM that is Hollywood-approved. It includes advanced features such as multi-language audio tracks, subtitles, and smart personalized recommendation and promotion features ensuring that all subscribers reap the full benefits of their premium TV content catalogue.

OpenTV Experience

Easy navigation, quick content discovery across Live TV and VOD/SVOD, multi-platform adaptability, access to app stores, built-in recommendations and social features are some of the key components to an innovative UI-UX. OpenTV Experience is where we focus on the demands of today’s consumers and where we look to deliver an optimal yet compelling user experience, irrespective of the device. From the big screen TV to handheld connected devices, our in-house pre-integrated UI-UX or fully customized UI-UX solutions are expertly crafted. Visit our UX Studio and Consumer Lab testing facilities in San Francisco to discuss your project.

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Key Benefits

  • Advanced cloud-based business services platform
  • Scalable, modular and flexible
  • Optimized multi-network service delivery
  • Extensive device reach, securely delivering TV features to all screens


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