intuiTV is designed to enable an all-in-one pay-TV service (cloud managed TVaaS) that marries the best of live TV and streaming services for a more enjoyable and simpler viewing experience that eliminates content fragmentation.  intuiTV brings innovation to the home in the form of a elegant hardware, a swipe-to-tune e-ink contextual remote control and ergonomic user interface, delivering an engaging television experience that consumers demand and deserve.

intuiTV truly connects consumers to the content they love.

Your Turnkey OTT Platform

intuiTV is offered as a managed cloud-based platform (TVaaS) that can be configured with a full line-up of premium content and advanced TV services. It provides the necessary components to operate content workflows, implement interfaces with streaming systems (from encoders to CDN servers) and enable cloud PVR capabilities, ensuring a great video experience for live and on-demand content. The platform is designed to handle live premium sports as well as on-demand programs, series and movies. The backend services offered can include upon request a customer registration portal, interfaced with a dedicated CRM system, or an existing OSS/BSS platform.

NAGRA Cloud Operation Center

intuiTV Delivers an Intuitive and Ergonomic “Swipe-to-Tune” User Interface

Get instant access to live TV and apps for an immersive user experience

Key Benefits

  • A turnkey OTT platform for pay-TV service providers that reduces time to market
  • Enables pay-TV service providers to place their content front-and-centre with the consumer and controls third-party content presence (e.g. Netflix)
  • Capitalises on a pay-TV service provider’s investment in live TV content, promotes stickiness
  • Ergonomic, TV-centric, unifying, familiar, impactful and performant user experience which complements and reinforces a pay-TV service provider’s brand
  • Next generation remote control and device underline the physical visibility of the operator in the hand of the subscriber