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Our Goal is to Help You Grow Your Pay-TV Business

In order to attract, retain and monetize customers in today’s fast moving market you too have to be fast on your feet.  You need to deliver great content and a great user experience, without long integration cycles or huge deployment costs. We know pay-TV, and the complex challenges you face every day.  That is why we have built our portfolio of products to allow you to constantly grow and innovate.

OpenTV Suite

NAGRA’s OpenTV Suite is a portfolio of technologies built to address the need to facilitate and simplify access to digital media content on multiple viewing devices, without limitations. Its set of tightly integrated and optimized TV components - OpenTV Experience, OpenTV Platform, OpenTV OS and OpenTV Player - deliver clear advantages of deployment speed, performance, service innovation, scalability and evolution.

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OpenTV Signature Edition

Internet-inspired Pay-TV evolution

OpenTV Signature Edition is a fully featured, ready-to-deploy, cloud-based pay-TV platform designed to attract and retain subscribers and maximize content value, while optimizing deployment, operational and user experiences. Built upon the OpenTV Suite, it combines all the latest Internet innovations – in recommendations, advertising, analytics and more – with the world’s first multi-journey user interface to deliver a feature-rich platform that caters to all types of pay-TV consumers and plays like OTT, skinny bundles, Android TV and apps. 

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