Emerge stronger from the COVID-19 pandemic with NAGRA Insight

New white paper: Shaping post-COVID resilience

Our latest report outlines the challenges service providers are facing and how NAGRA Insight uses AI to help decision-makers in today’s unique landscape drive business performance and operational excellence for the benefit of the entire ecosystem, from content creators to operators and subscribers.
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New analysis shows how pay-TV, telco and premium content businesses can create resilience in a post-COVID world

New report outlines how pay-TV service providers can build resilient response tactics to effectively manage subscribers, content delivery and engagement in the face of COVID-19
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Covid-19 is in many ways the ultimate stress-test of the operational capabilities of our customers.

Interview of Jacques-Edouard Guillemot, NAGRA SVP Insight looking at how content providers can safeguard their businesses post-Coronavirus by using AI to accelerate subscription acquisition and re-engagement.
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How we created an AI-based solution that became crucial to our customers' financials

In this blog, Jacques Edouard Guillemot shares some of the challenges and methodology which helped generate additional revenue for some of our biggest customers and improved their bottom line by tens of millions of dollars.