Driving the Evolution of Content Protection

By Christopher Schouten, Senior Director Product Marketing

Content piracy is a growing concern and the industry needs to keep up on security to protect their premium content and revenues.  In 2014, some 710 million movies and TV shows were shared illegally by U.S. customers; and, in a more recent example, during the first three months of 2015, the industry registered more than seven million illegal downloads of episodes from HBO’s “Game of Thrones” alone.

As content is being watched on online platforms, nimble pirates are modifying their techniques to not only tap into STBs, but also to record or take a feed directly at the streaming source. As a result, simply protecting the STBs or hardware is no longer an option. We are a firm believer that the industry needs to make a strategic shift from a “service protection” posture to a “content protection” mode.

This approach includes a vigorous end-to-end content protection solution, integrating CA and DRM systems, watermarking and detection services as part a closed-loop solution where content is protected for delivery to any device, and fraud can be detected and stopped at the source.

Recently, the Kudelski Group announced the acquisition of watermarking leader NexGuard Labs BV, enhancing our content protection solution portfolio. The combination of our advanced monitoring capabilities and the robust patent portfolio from NexGuard’s technologies allows us to be uniquely positioned to support content owners and service providers in their quest to secure content and revenues.

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