Channel Sales Partner Spotlight: BOLD MSS

Meet BOLD MSS, a regional leader in the provision of highly advanced solutions for content distribution based in Uruguay. They provide and operate a complete OTT platform solution with highly efficient VOD services, including live streaming for linear channels.

Founded in 2012, BOLD MSS develops advanced and innovative IT solutions, focused on providing new end-to-end solutions to pay-TV, Internet service providers and telecommunications companies, adding value to the processes and businesses of its clients. One of its main strengths is to deliver products and services tailored to each operator.

With presence in the Latin American market, BOLD MSS provides services such as VOD, Live TV, OTT, APP and multiscreen offers, thanks to its regional support, advanced platform and low capital costs. One of its major developments are also the DVB-IP hybrid proposals and the solutions in the cloud. 

Their strategy and growth have been based on:

  • Innovation of products and developments of the company
  • Experience in detecting the needs of each client
  • Providing indispensable tools to make a difference in a highly competitive market
  • Strategic alliances with key partners
  • Competitive advantage of knowledge of the pay-TV market

Geographical area covered

BOLD MSS covers the following countries: Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, Paraguay, Bolivia and Costa Rica.

How many years have you been representing NAGRA?

BOLD MSS has been representing NAGRA since 2013, shortly after the company was founded.  

Key NAGRA customers

  • Montecable (Uruguay)
  • Nuevo Siglo (Uruguay)
  • CUTA (Uruguay)
  • Punta Cable (Uruguay)
  • El Cuatro (Argentina)
  • Colsecor (Argentina)
  • Telered (Argentina) 
  • TVSA (Argentina)

Any specific project to highlight

September 2019, Montecable, the leading cable operator in Uruguay deployed the cloud-based NAGRA GO Live solution to enable advanced features including support for Android TV and VOD, in partnership with BOLD MSS. This was the first cloud deployment of GO Live with VOD support in the Americas region.

For more info, please visit their website