Channel Sales Partner Spotlight: African Union Communications

African union Communication
Meet African Union Communications (Pty) Ltd (AUCOM), a company that specialises in the supply, integration and support of digital multimedia platforms and telecommunications to the African market.

Short company presentation

African Union Communications (Pty) Ltd (AUCOM) specialises in the supply, integration and support of digital multimedia platforms and telecommunications to the African market.

By working in close corporation with all technology partners to ensure the best available end-to-end turnkey solutions for digital broadcast and satellite systems, AUCOM is providing professional systems focused on:

  • Customer requirement analysis
  • Turnkey end-to-end solutions
  • DTT migration strategy
  • Coverage planning and frequency allocation
  • Solution architecture design
  • System interoperability and integration
  • Project management
  • Network implementation
  • Training – skills transfer
  • Support and maintenance (Service Level Agreements)


Their values

Quality and clients’ satisfaction have been the company’s driving force since inception. Their values and principles embrace key concepts such as quality, flexibility, customer-orientation, value-for money, and a very high ROI (return on investment).

“Our ability to maintain good relationship and continued support to our clients, elevate us from the competition.” 

Geographical area covered

AUCOM covers South Africa and Sub-Sahara Africa. Being from the region, they are passionate about providing world class solutions to African countries.


How many years have you been representing NAGRA?

AUCOM has been representing NAGRA for almost 20 years, since 2001.


Key NAGRA customers

  • Sentech SOC Ltd, South Africa
  • Basic Transmission Limited, Tanzania
  • AZAM Media, Tanzania
  • Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation, Seychelles

AUCOM is hosting a NAGRA multi-customer platform at their premises for key customers such as Platco OpenView HD (OVHD), with over 2 million subscribers.

Specific projects to highlight

  • Sentech SOC Ltd - Central DTT MP4/AVC head-end for migration of South African DTT network.
  • AZAM Media Tanzania - Turnkey supply, installation, and commissioning of DVB-S2 DTH head-end system.
  • Basic Transmission Limited Tanzania - Turnkey design, integration, installation, and commissioning for 20 channels, Harmonic Mpeg4/AVC digital terrestrial head-end and DTT transmitter network. NAGRA hosted conditional access for free to view access, and VPN network to AUCOM including routers.
  • Seychelles Broadcast Corporation - Turnkey design, integration, installation, and commissioning of a DVB-T2 DTT network system for an 18 National Channel main head-end and 18 transmitter sites. First HEVC DTT platform in Africa. NAGRA-hosted CAS system for free to view access.
  • Platco turnkey DTH platform with DTH head-end, CAS and SMS Integration, network operations centre and 2 x 9m satellite uplink system. 

 For more information, please check the AUCOM website