CES 2020: security and content monetization take center stage

CES 2020 NAGRA Suite
In case you missed them, here's a recap of key takeaways from our showcase this year!

Starting the year off at CES is a long-time NAGRA tradition that delivers the insight and innovation that attendees rely on to gain an impressive perspective on the topics and trends that will drive the industry in the year to come. And in that regard, CES 2020 did not disappoint. If you were not able to attend the event this year, here is a recap of key takeaways from the show!

For the first time ever, the Kudelski Group showcased all the pillars of its comprehensive digital security portfolio: its full lineup of service protection, IoT security, OTT and cybersecurity solutions for consumer electronics, M&E and enterprise applications. With all the company’s security offerings together under one roof, we demonstrated the importance of end-to-end digital security in an increasingly connected world. From smart service protection and content monetization for M&E service providers, to comprehensive enterprise cybersecurity, to IoT data and device security, there were no security stones left uncovered across the entire value-chain.

Those who experienced this comprehensive showcase took away how instrumental this approach is in adapting and thriving in today’s ever-changing environments. Tim Pearson, senior director of product marketing for NAGRA, said it best in the recent MESA article, CES 2020: NAGRA Looks at the Complete Security Picture. “What we’re seeing increasingly is that set-top security used to be a straight line, and now it’s a maze. There are now massive amounts of devices people want to watch content on, and while content protection itself is very much core to us, we expand that out, (to) look at the entire ecosystem. We’re helping operators to identify different ways to monitor threats, (and) give them additional levers they can use to offer limits on devices used.”

Furthering the conversation as part of its CES 2020 news roundup, TVNewsCheck not only addressed NAGRA’s clear focus on smart service protection, but also the keys to monetization. The coverage states that, “NAGRA identifies the key opportunities, challenges and vulnerabilities M&E providers face with a framework akin to a radar that assesses the principle business opportunities and their security threats against four distinct business-critical axes or realms — content, service, delivery and consumer devices.” NAGRA has deep expertise and innovation in all these focus areas. Understanding and addressing these in context to the current M&E landscape will put you on a path well ahead of the competition as you move further into 2020.  


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Last but not least, for the third year in a row, Andre Kudelski, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Kudelski Group, was a featured speaker at the Variety’s Entertainment Summit at CES. As part of the “Next Tech Innovators” panel discussing the latest media tech trends, along with other tech leaders, he addressed which innovations will have true staying power and what breakthroughs are on the horizon for our industry and how trust will play an integral role in how the industry navigates the new threat landscape. If not addressed properly, the impact could be significant, affecting consumers and their comfort level with new services, devices and personal data.


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