Business performance, redefined

NAGRA Insight leverages big data and AI to drive every aspects of an operator's business, predict the individual behavior of TV viewers such as propensity to churn, to purchase a package or to consume specific content, every day, at scale.
NAGRA Insight helps operators make better strategic decisions, drive their business more effectively and improve their business line. It provides a lasting impact on the operators’ four critical areas: subscriber value, content, operations, advertising.
Boost subscriber value
NAGRA Insight recommends the most relevant actions to acquire and retain subscribers, upsell, and offer the best price and package content. It provides precise data on service usage, on a per-subscriber basis, in real time and also enables the operator to optimize the user interface and the customer experience.
Improve content management
Subscriber happiness is paramount. With NAGRA Insight, service providers can increase the usage of their services through individual recommendation. NAGRA Insight also enables them to quantify the value of every content asset, in order to better program, package and negotiate.
Drive operations
NAGRA Insight optimizes resource-intensive areas especially regarding device management and software update roll-out. It also aggregates data from all networks to increase speed of diagnosis of network issues, keep CDN costs under control and manage the quality of video displayed on OTT services.
Increase advertising efficiency
NAGRA Insight increases programmatic TV advertising revenues. It delivers linear slots inventory and valuation and enables audience qualification, advertising attributes, demographics and interests. As a result, advertising is more precise, targeted, efficient and cost-effective.
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