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Protecting the Value Chain
In our latest blog post, Tim Pearson, Senior Director of Product Marketing, explains why pay-TV operators now require a level of scalable service protection to remain one step ahead.
U.S. report paytvif
Special Report: The future of the U.S. pay-TV market
The Pay-TV Innovation Forum hosted a seminar in New York for a roundtable discussion about the future of the U.S. pay-TV market and the opportunities in next-generation aggregation.
Pay-TV Forum Brasil
Pay-TV Fórum Brasil: A ameaça da Pirataria e a necessidade de uma ação unificada
Soccer fans
An inside look into the global market for premium sports OTT services
For more than two decades, pay-TV operators have experienced a long period of sustained growth. What was the key driver? The answer is simple: Sports.
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Five pay-TV trends operators need to know about right now
Ivan Verbesselt, SVP Marketing at NAGRA, highlights the key trends pay-TV operators should look out for in the coming months and years.
AndroidTv flavors
Four considerations pay-TV operators need to know about Android TV
NexTv Argentina 2019
NexTV Argentina: Opportunities and Challenges for Latam Pay-TV Operators
The pay TV industry is currently undergoing a major transformation. The rise of the OTT model, the fast changes in consumer behavior and new forms of piracy are creating both opportunities and challenges.
Anti piracy collaboration
Pay-TV Show takeaways: fighting piracy requires an industry approach
In today’s digital world the threat is no longer the amateur offerings we’ve seen in the past. Today, we must take on the sophisticated and tech-savvy business that is commercial piracy. David Würgler, Senior Director of Anti-Piracy Litigation explains.
Is piracy impacting blockbuster content success?
High-value franchise movies and television series, such as Avengers or Game of Thrones, enjoy incredible consumer awareness worldwide and drive up the piracy figures to record levels over time.
nab booth
Key takeaways from NAB Show 2019
super aggregators 2
Why super aggregators are the new pay-TV heroes
We’ve now reached a fragmentation tipping point and there has to be a re-bundling at some point. Could the answer lie in super-aggregation?
OTT Sports is key to success – but only with the right team mates
Streaming Piracy
The battle against pay-TV piracy in Latin America
To start making real strides in the battle against piracy in the region – and indeed any region – rights owners must forge a closer partnership with all stakeholders to communicate the long-term impact of piracy.
pay-TV innovation
5 crucial ways the pay-TV industry can innovate to ensure long-term growth
Engaging_White_w_couple watching TV
Five key trends to watch out for in the European pay-TV market
With all the speculation about the future of the pay-TV industry, it can be easy to forget about the most important element in the equation – the content that subscribers watch.
cloud security
Pay-TV can’t leave its head in the clouds when it comes to content security
In the post-OTT era, leveraging cloud technology is essential to the next generation of content security.
The Pay-TV Service Provider’s Guide to 2019 Success - Part 2
This is the second and final installment of our 2019 trends blog series addressing the topics that will be most relevant to the pay-TV market in in the coming year.
The Pay-TV Service Provider’s Guide to 2019 Success - Part 1
In this special blog series, we introduce the top trends, topics and considerations that pay-TV service providers need to address as they move into 2019.
Asian children screens
What does the future hold for pay-TV in Asia?
From shifting consumer behaviour to the rapidly evolving threat of piracy, pay-TV operators across Asia have been forced into a radical top-down rethink of their business models recently.
AI algorithm face recognition
To what extent can we trust algorithmic decisions
At a time when humans are becoming more reliant on AI - for instance  mobile phones speech recognition, real-time speech translation, computer vision in self-driving cars — trust and transparency have become key issues to be addressed.
CES logo
CES 2019: NAGRA’s Smartly Digital Strategies You Might Have Missed
If you were not able to attend this year’s show, here are the top takeaways you need to know.
Cloud connecting
Connecting Smart TVs to the cloud: a smart idea after all!
For pay-TV service providers, delivering premium services directly to consumer devices and leveraging back-end cloud infrastructure provides numerous benefits.
Sports fans
Optimizing online video apps: learnings from the FIFA World Cup
A lot can be done to increase OTT apps stickiness. With new content usages come new behaviors which must be addressed with changes in the way the content is offered.
Innovation: The key to the U.S. pay-TV evolution
In the digitally disrupted U.S. pay TV market, we know that innovation is one of the most important priorities to staying competitive in the evolving TV landscape. However, this is a broad solution leaving many to ask the question - “When it comes to innovation, where do I start?”