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Whether you're a pay-TV operator or a content owner, we can help you enable new revenue streams and secure business models.

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From delivering an engaging customer experience to generating operational efficiencies, and cost optimizations.

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Grow and protect the total value of your content distribution ecosystem.

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NAGRA is now a single media technology organisation featuring the NAGRA, OpenTV, Conax, NexGuard and DVnor product lines under a single brand. This natural evolution allows us to offer the best of both worlds when it comes to advanced and off-the-shelf offerings. You can choose from tailor-made solutions that leverage modular products and naturally blend into the environment of larger operators, or lean, off-the-shelf standard solutions optimised for fast time-to-market.

Leading digital transformation

Find out how our smart, cloud-based solutions, including AI-driven data analytics, content security and media asset management, can help you embrace true digital transformation to remain successful, despite changing market conditions.

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Piracy PVOD

PVOD Blog Series - Part Two: Mastering the Metrics - Understanding the potentially significant implications of piracy

Learn why an investment in anti-piracy is an investment in protecting profit margins and securing markets. A successful fight against piracy will reduce customer acquisition costs and increase total lifetime customer value.
Claro Box TV

Claro TV e a evolução da experiência de consumo na América do Sul

Na sessão ao vivo do NexTV South America, Raul Lucas, Diretor Sênior para Contas-Chave nas Américas da NAGRA, juntamente com Juan Carlos Urrego, Líder de Inovação de Produtos da Claro Colômbia, trouxeram ao público participante do evento os detalhes que permitiram à Claro agregar todos os serviços de vídeo e entretenimento em uma única interface de usuário.
LR webinar

Succeeding in Video by Enhancing the Viewing Experience

Insightful webinar unveils how regional service providers are reaping the many benefits of finding a solution that delivers against customer needs.